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Yuliana Litha, Muhammad Gazali, Christian Lopo, Christin R Nayoan


Background: Submandibular abscess is an inflammation accompanied by pus formation in the submandibular region. This condition is one of the infections in the inner neck (deep neck infection). Most often it occurs at the age of 20 and 60 years, with a ratio between men and women is 3: 1.

Case summary: In this case, women aged 20 years come complaints of swelling in the left cheek and lower left jaw, fever, headache, pain in the neck and trismus. On the results of routine blood tests found leukocytosis and anemia. In this case an incision and drainage is performed on the abscess.

Conclusion: Slow treatment of submandibular abscesses can result in the spread of abscesses to other deep neck chambers and mediastinum which can cause mediastinitis, sepsis and death due to airway obstruction.


Submandibular Abscess, Deep Neck Infection, Incision and Drainage

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