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The urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra due to scar tissue, which leads to obstructive voiding disfunction with potentially serious consequences for the entire urinary tract. Its prevalence among men in industrial countries is estimated 0,9%. It produces obstructive and irritative urinary symptoms and can ultimately impair renal function. In this case, men aged 70 years come complaints of urinary retention since 1 month. The frequency of urinary approximately every 2 hours patient experience incomplete bladder emptying and nocturia. Patient was treated and performed cystostomy at Buol Hospital. On physical examination, the suprapubic region appeared convex, palpation was found to be suprapubic tenderness. Uretrographic radiological examination found urethral obstruction in the bulbous pars. The patient's diagnosis is urethral stricture and internal sachse urethrotomy is performed.



Urethral strictures, urinary retention, sache, urethrotomy internal

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