Ayu Sylvia Lestary, Aristo ., Haerani Harun


Kidney tumor is abnormality growth cell or tissue that cannot be controlled and can cause metastase. Based on epidemiology studies, it is the third in urology malignancy and 2% of all malignancy in the world. In this case, a man 52 years old came to hospital with chief complaint hematuria and flank pain. Laboratory parameters lead to paraneoplastic syndrome. CT scan showed there is no lymph nodes enlargement and metastatic which is soft tissue mass in the renal dextra that was enlarged than before. CT scans were chosen because CT scans were able to diagnose kidney tumors dan distinguish types of kidney tumor mass even though they could not determine their malignancy. Therefore, after a CT scan, an operative procedure is performed to remove the tumor and then a histopathology examination will be performed to determine the malignancy of the kidney tumor. A staging diagnostic to determine an appropriate management and prognosis.


Tumor, Kidney, Diagnose, CT scan

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