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Introduction: Dermatitis Venenata is a slow acute type irritant contact dermatitis that is usually caused by bites, saliva, or insects' feathers that fly at night, where the clinical p icture and symptoms appear 8 to 24 hours or more after contact.

Case report: an old child 5 years with complaints of redness of the skin in the right eye, feeling sore and itchy. complaints arise when you wake up early. Initially it looks reddish but a fe w hours later it looks like a blister. the patient rubbed the skin area using his right hand and one day afterwards a fluid -filled
reddish lump appeared on the patient's right hand finger and itching. before, the patient had time to play in the garden around the yard. There was no biting or contact with insects in the area of skin disorders.

Discussion: Patients diagnosed with venenata dermatitis based on subjective symptoms in cases and objective symptoms on physical examination of dermatological status, facial erythematous macules with plaque size accompanied by erosion and crusting. Linearly arranged, diffuse with irregular shapes in the right & upper extreme orbital region, lenticular-sized vesicles are found with a linearly arranged base of erythema, with irregular shapes on the third vertex of the right astronomical region.

Conclusion: dermatitis venenata most commonly occurs in hot and tropical climates, one of the most common is paederin, a toxin secreted by insects from the genus paederus. Clinical features include blisters, reddish skin, above which there are papular vesicles, pustules, polymorphic forms, multiple, scattered depending on the spread of toxins, appearing 8 to 24 hours or more after contact. The body parts that are most commonly affected include the face, neck, shoulders, arms and the area around the waist. Kissing lesion can occur, which is a pair of the same skin lesions that occur due to the first skin lesions attached to other normal skin.



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