The Prevalence of Stress among Medical Students Post-disaster in Central Sulawesi

Ahmad syuaib, M sabir, Tri Setyawati


Background. Stress is a psychological disorder that often causes psychological problems in individuals. Stress is a response of body both physically, mentally, and emotionally to events that are not expected to occur. Students have a high level of stress because of difficulties in adjusting to higher education. In addition to academic factors, stress can also occur due to other factors such as natural disasters.

Aim. The study aims to measure stress level among students post natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis and liquefaction) in Palu City in 2018.

Method. The study was descriptive observational with total sampling on students of the Faculty of Medicine, Tadulako University. The sample is 100 students.

Result. The result revealed that 23% of medical students enrolling 2018 in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Tadulako suffered stress ranging from mild to severe. Stress level among men students is higher than that on women. 13.3% and 6.7% of male students suffered moderate and severe stress respectively.

Key Words: Stress, Post-disaster, mental disorder, students

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