Adfianti Fadjar, Nurul Barizah, Mas Rahmah


The escalating competition among multinational corporations has given rise to a new category of conventional or non-traditional marks. The scope of trademarks extends beyond mere words, numbers, letters, symbols, or combinations. Consequently, non-traditional trademarks are experiencing significant growth as new and previously unexplored trademarks are acknowledged and embraced. Other countries around the globe Indonesia also join the line in adopting Non-Traditional Trademark in its newest trademark, Law Number 16 of 2016. This article provides an overview of non-traditional trademarks in Indonesia, including their different types and the requirements for registration. It will emphasize each type of non-traditional trademark adopted in Indonesia and the specific requirements associated with these marks. This article adopts a normative approach and relies primarily on comprehensive library research as its methodology. 


Intellectual Property Rights; Non-traditional Trademarks; Indonesia.

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