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Groundwater basin naturally constrained by the limits controlled by the hydrogeologic and
geologic conditions or groundwater hydraulics, and in general not the same as the government
boundaries. The purpose of this study to identify the lateral boundary of Palu Groundwater Basin
(CAT Palu). Analysis method based on analysis of field data for the determination of the
geometry and configuration of the lateral aquifer system. The results showed that: 1). external
zero flow boundary, are the contact area between the aquifer and the aquifers that form CAT
Palu. This form of field boundary fault, conformity and the unconformity as the main geological
structures are dominated by graben structures known as Palu Fault, 2). CAT Palu boundary
based on groundwater divide coincides with the boundary surface of the water separator
which separates the two main aquifer groundwater flow in the opposite direction, 3). external
head-controlled boundary in CAT Palu is the sea level because the main aquifer is not
depressed, and 4). inflow boundary located in the east and west of Palu River, from structural
buckling hillsides and Mount Mount Gawalise Tanggungguno. In the southern part of the Palu
River upstream Kamamora area. Outflow boundary located in the northern part of the Gulf of


basin, groundwater, aquifer

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