Novita Pradani


Pavement Recycling as alternative technology in pavement construction and maintenance is
continuously developed due to scarcity and highly cost of materials. The aim of this research is to modify
recycled material by adding a polymer that is capable to improve the physical properties of bitumen and
the performance of recyled mixture. The asphalt mixture in this research is AC-Wearing Course (AC-WC)
which contain Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), fresh material and asphalt Pen 60/70. Percentage RAP
used is 20% and 30% to the total weight of mixture. Fatigue Performance of mixture was measured using 4-
Point Bending Test Apparatus with strain control. The result from bitumen characteristic tests shown that RAP
bitumen has lower penetration grade and higher viscosity value. Fatigue test shown that, rising the
percentation of RAP will increase the fatigue resistance of mixture by higher average number of cycles at
30% RAP mixture (19307 cycles). Generally, the research shown that RAP can be used as alternative
material to the pavement rehabilitation. In spite of that attention of maximum RAP percentation in mixture
and construction quality control should be taken into account.

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