Implementation of Inquiry Methods to Improve Qur'an Hadits Learning Outcomes of Students of CLASS IIIB

Uswatun Hasanah


This research aimed to improve student learning outcomes using the inquiry method in the Qur'an Hadith material. This research was a classroom action research conducted in 2 cycles. Each cycle's steps adopted the steps suggested by Kemmis and Taggart; planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The research subjects were 21 students (14 girls and 7 boys) in class IIIB MI Maulana Maghribi Bantul. Data were collected through test and non-test (observation) techniques. Data were analyzed using the quantitative descriptive method. The research is said to be successful if students who reach the KKM are at least 75%. The results obtained were that the average learning outcomes in cycle 2 increased by 20.5%, from 74.3 to 89.5. The number of students who reached the KKM in cycle 2 was 90.5%. Student participation in cycle 2 reached 80%.

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