Pemanfaatan Tumbuhan Sebagai Obat Tradisional Pada Suku Tolitoli di Desa Pinjan Sulawesi Tengah

Nulfitriani Nulfitriani, Ramadhanil Ramadhanil, Eny Yuniati


This research “The use of plants as a traditional medicine for the Tolitolinese in Pinjan village, sub-district of North Tolitoli, Tolitoli regency, Central Sulawesi Province” was carried out from December 2012 to March 2013. The research aimed at finding out information regarding the use of plant species, the use of plants, the kinds of diseases that could be treated by using plants and how to use the plans as medicines for the Tolitolinese in Pinjan village. This was a descriptive research. The data were collected through interview of semi-structured (list of questionnaire), involving 41 respondents. The research result showed that there were 42 species of plant used as traditional medicines. The species mostlyused were Zingiberaceae Family (6 Species). The parts of plants used were root, rhizome, stem, leaf, fruit, and seed, but leaves, 48 % were mostle used. The villagers consumed the plant medicine for recovering chronic, communicable, and incommunicable diseases and for maintaining health. The ways of how to produce include boiling, grilling, chewing, smearing, and slicing. The highest level of knowledge or use of the villagers was 92 % toward the medicine plants with species of Piper beetle L.


Keywords: Etnobotany, Medicine Plants, Pinjan village.

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