Pengaruh konsentrasi larutan sukrosa dan waktu perendaman terhadap kesegaran bunga sedap malam potong (Polianthes tuberosa L.)

Eny Yuniati


Polianthes tuberose L. or known as tuberose is an example of the cut flowers, many of them sold in domestic as well as in worl-wide markets. In general, due to a post-harvested bad handling, its horticultural products were so bad and therefore, most of post-harvested flowers sold in a relatively cheap price or thrown away asa a waste. To overcome this problem, there had been established a research of how to keep the flowers in a fresh condition for a much longer time, and it was done by using a consentration of a di;utted sucrose to be given into a soaked fresh flowers of Polianthes tuberose L. an analytical result which used some diluted sucrose consentration and time of soakings to be recognized that, a consentration of 15% diluted sucrose in a two hourly time of soaking had a best result asa a fresh maker used by the cut flowers of tuberose.


Key words : Post-harvest, Polianthes tuberosa, Soakings, Sucrose consentration.


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